Immunization Exclusion Day is Approaching

Immunization Exclusion Day: February 18th, 2015

The Oregon Health Authority states:

State law requires that all children in public and private schools, preschools, Head Start and certified child care facilities have up-to-date immunizations, or have a religious or medical exemption.  Parents or guardians will receive a letter in late January or early February if their child’s immunization record shows that he or she has not received all or part of the required vaccinations. Children will not be able to attend school or child care after the Exclusion Day if their records on file show missing immunizations.

If you receive a letter that your child’s immunization records are not up-to-date, but your child has had the immunization, take your immunization record to the school/daycare and have them update their records.

If you receive a letter and your child has not yet received the required vaccination or if your child has received it but you do not have record of it, please call any of our clinics and we can assist you with any questions regarding your child’s immunizations. We recommend that children who have not yet received their required vaccination(s) schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid being sent home on Exclusion Day.

To see a list of what immunizations are required for each school year, visit:

For more information about Exclusion Day and Immunization Requirements, visit the Oregon Health Authority’s Immunization Requirements for School and Child Care website:

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