Patient Information

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New Patients

We are currently accepting new patients from birth to 21 years of age. For expectant parents or those searching for a pediatrician, we are happy to set up a free courtesy visit so that you may interview one or more of our providers.

Appointments and Scheduling

Our doctors and staff are here to help! Wellness exams, sport physicals, and other non-urgent appointments may often be scheduled around your school or work schedule. Same-day appointments are always possible when your child needs attention right away. Not sure if your child needs to be seen? Please call for assistance from our triage staff.

If your child has an after-hours medical problem and you need advice before our clinic re-opens, call our answering service at (503) 238-8358. They will take your information and have a physician or nurse return your call to help you determine the appropriate next steps. This information is also available from the recording you’ll reach if you call our office phone number outside of the regular operating hours.

Caring for children with immediate, non-emergency medical needs on a same-day basis is an important part of our commitment to our patients’ health and well-being. We regret when this results in extended wait times for others. We always do our best to honor your time. If necessary, we are happy to reschedule your child’s appointment at your convenience.

Camp and School Forms

In most cases an appointment is needed before school, sports and camp participation. Please bring all necessary forms with you to these appointments so they may be completed during the visit. Due to the unscheduled time it takes to complete, there is a $5.00 charge to complete forms presented after the visit, or $20 if you need the form rushed (within 48 hours).

Cell Phones

Cell phones are a fact of life in today’s culture and busy schedules. We ask parents and patients to try to avoid using cell phones while our staff is trying to assist you. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

New Computerized Reminder Calls

We now offer automated appointment reminder calls. These calls are placed 24 – 48 hours in advance and will call you at the number you designated as your primary contact number. They will remind you of the date, time, location and provider your child will be seeing. Please listen to the entire announcement, as it will give you the opportunity to confirm or cancel your appointment!

Prescription Refills

Prescription refills can be completed through our voice mail system day or night. Just follow the prompts when you call and leave all information requested.

We now offer “ePrescribe”! We can send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of your choice. You advise us of the name of your preferred pharmacy; that information is entered into our system and considered the default pharmacy for all future prescription needs. You can change your preferred pharmacy at any time. You can also have prescriptions directed to a different pharmacy on a “one-time-only” basis. Just let the prescribing provider know in advance. The only prescriptions that need to be hand delivered to the pharmacy are controlled substances, such as those for the treatment of ADHD.

Telephone Calls

Mornings are the busiest time of day for pediatric offices. We strive to keep our phone lines open during the early morning hours to take sick calls. When possible, please call during the late morning or early afternoon hours for prescriptions, lab results, referrals, general appointments and other general needs.

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