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Oregon Pediatrics participates in most insurance networks.

We accept cash, personal checks, and most major credit cards for co-pays and account payments. Our bookkeeping staff is available to answer any questions about insurance and your account.

Covered Services

Insurance benefits are certainly a consideration when you and your family need healthcare services. Please know however, that our first and foremost concern is to recommend and provide medically appropriate care to our patients. Your child’s health and wellness is our goal when we discuss options and recommendations for her/his care.

We do strive to provide that care within your benefit allowances. However, with literally thousands of insurance companies and benefit plans, it is impossible for us to know the details of each and every one. We recommend you speak with your insurance company to review your specific benefits, limitations, and financial responsibility. Our Patient Accounts Department is happy to assist if you have additional questions.

To help assure maximum benefits for your child, please bring your insurance ID card with you to each and every visit. It is not uncommon for important numbers to change so let us know any time you receive a new card, whether it’s from the same insurance company or a new one.

Billing Phone: (503) 427-2118

Our Patient Accounts Department is available M-Th 8:30am – 5:00pm and 8:30am – Noon on Fridays. They can help to determine your estimated out of pocket expense for the services your child is expected to receive.

Please note that some services provided by Clackamas & Oregon Pediatrics fall under “Surgical Care” benefits and as such are typically subject to deductibles and co-insurance. Some examples of these types of services include fracture care, wart treatment, and circumcisions.

Remember, your insurance benefits are an agreement between you and your insurance company. You are responsible to know your benefits and how they apply to the services your child may receive in our offices. We will bill your insurance carrier for you, using nationally standardized codes that represent the services your child received under our care. We are unable to change the codes to anything other than the codes which reflect the actual services provided, even if a different code would result in better benefits.


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