10 Fun Ideas for Entertaining a Child Who’s At Home Sick

If your child is at home feeling sick, what they need most is rest and relaxation — but try telling that to a rambunctious little one!

The next time your child is at home sick, try these fun, low-key sick day activities to keep them busy and help them get over feeling under the weather.

Kiddo not feeling well? Give us a quick call to check in.

If your child isn’t feeling well, or is exhibiting worrisome symptoms like a fever or loud or wheezing cough, call our office. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll help you understand when a doctor’s visit is necessary.

1. Build a fort

It can be impossible to keep your kid in bed when they’re sick, but you may have better luck with a “secret hideout.” 

Turn this into a fun activity, grabbing all the blankets and pillows in your house and working together to construct a cozy fort. Not only will this bit of activity help get out any wiggles, it will then provide them with a restful spot (that’s much more fun than their bed) to pass the time.

2. Make a photo album

Many kids enjoy looking at pictures of themselves and of their family and friends. Especially in our digital age, making a physical photo album can be a fun activity and a special memory years down the road.

Print off a collection of photos, get an album, and gather some craft supplies like tape, markers, and stickers. Help them put together photo album pages or if they’re a little older, give them free rein to design their photo album pages all by themselves.

3. Get Crafty

Crafts, art, and puzzles are a great hands-on distraction and can be a fun way to pass the time while recovering. They provide good mental exercise while keeping your kid sedentary.

Create a craft station in your home, complete with the basics: paper and paints, crayons, markers, and pencils. Some other craft supplies your child might enjoy include:

Play-dohClayWindow markersStickersStamps

If you want to get even more creative, or want a specific project your child can complete, you can find plenty of kids craft activity ideas online.

4. Make popsicles or bake cookies

What’s better than an activity you can eat? Making ice pops is an easy at-home activity for kids and can feel good on a sore throat. If your child enjoys helping in the kitchen, they might enjoy making cookies with you.

5. Play road trip games

Road trip games also double as great activities for a sick day. These games are the ones you can play while sitting or even lying down, so they’re perfect! 

Here are a few good ones:

I-spyName game20 questionsThe alphabet gameTic tac toe

6. Have a tea party

Some warm tea can feel good on your kiddo’s throat and tummy when they’re not feeling well. Have some fun with it! Set the table, dress up for the occasion, and invite your child’s favorite toys to the party. 

7. Get some air

As long as your child isn’t running a fever and feels up for it, getting outside for a bit can do you both some good. A short walk or a few minutes out on the playground will get the blood flowing and help eliminate any pent-up energy.

8. Read a book

Reading with your child is always encouraged. If your child is old enough, you can have them read to you. Or let them pick a few books and sit back while you read to them. I’m sure your kiddo already has a few favorites, here are some of ours that are especially fitting for a sick day:

Caillou is SickThe Berenstain Bears Sick DaysSneezy LouiseLlama Llama Home with Mama

Audiobooks or a kid-friendly podcast can also be a great option — especially if both you and your child aren’t up for any reading.

9. Have a spa day

Help your little one feel better and relax with some spa-day activities. Yes, even kiddos can enjoy a day at the spa!

Run a hot shower while your child sits in the bathroom, soaking up the steam. This can help reduce a cough and soothe their lungs. Draw up a bubble bath and let your kiddo splash around while the warm water helps relax their muscles. 

After a bath, cozy up in bed (or in their special fort) and give them a little foot rub, brush their hair, or just snuggle together quietly. Hopefully these relaxing activities will help them feel better and ease them into a nice, restful nap.

10. Have a movie day

Set up a cozy spot in the living room where your child can sit back and watch their favorite movie. Just make sure your child doesn’t spend all day in front of the screen. Too much stimulation can keep them from closing their eyes and getting the restful hours they need throughout the day.

Tips for keeping your kiddo from catching a cold

First things first, the best thing your family can do is get their Flu shots. Hopefully your family will skirt the flu. Here are a few tips to help your kids avoid catching a common cold, too

Make sure your kids…

Wash their hands frequently at home and at schoolGet plenty of sleepEat a healthy, balanced dietAvoid playdates with others who are sick

If you have any questions about how to keep your whole family healthy this year, give us a call. We’re here to help!

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